The WH eLearning platform has officially launched!

We are very excited to announce the official launch of our
new e-learning platform.

Browse over 100 courses specialising in Health & Safety, Business, Human Resources and Care.

What’s even better is that our easy to use learning hub can be accessed on all devices… anywhere… any time.

What’s so great about eLearning?

Studies increasingly show us the many benefits of eLearning in comparison to the traditional class based methods.

Here are a few reasons why we should embrace it: 

  • eLearning requires less time
    According to a Brandon Hall report, online learning within corporations requires 40-60% less time than learning in a classroom setting.


  • You simply learn more with eLearning
    Research conducted by IBM found that students learn five times more through online courses than traditional face-to-face classes.


  • eLearning reduces distraction and increases engagement
    A study from Harvard found that the ongoing process of regular tests halved student distraction, tripled note taking, and students overall retention of the content improved.


  • eLearning is much better for our environment
    The Stockholm Environmental Institute states that students who use eLearning create 90% less carbon dioxide levels than those who rely on transport to get to classroom based learning places.  


Sign up for one of our online courses today!  Browse through 100+ courses here.

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