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Are you or your employees currently working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic?


With the Covid-19 pandemic looming over us for the foreseeable future, working from home has evolved from being temporary to a more permanent arrangement. Despite being initiated by the pandemic, our new work culture is being embraced by many. A recent survey from NUI Galway showed that 83% of 7,241 participants from different industries and sectors across Ireland expect to remain working from home even after the pandemic has passed.

With this in mind, what does the future of work mean for employers when it comes to the Health & Safety of their employees?


Employers are responsible for the Health & Safety of Home Workers


Employers have the same legal duty of care for their homeworkers as they do for those working in an office. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 still applies, therefore every effort should be made by employers to ensure that home work places are compliant.


Are there new risks attached to working from home?


Yes. Working from home has the potential of creating new physical and mental health risks that can result from a poor working environment in a home. Employers should assess the common risks associated with working from home such as their employees’ work space, heat, ventilation, lighting, fire safety, and first aid.


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 It is essential that employers train their homeworkers on how to recognise the possible risks when working at home including manual handling, DSE, slips trips and falls, and fire hazards.


Access the following certified courses:

Health & Safety for Homeworkers

This online training course is for people who work at home, some, or all of the time. It is designed to teach the user their responsibilities when it comes to employees working at home, and best practice for safe working from their home.

Fire Awareness

This course is designed to cover all industry sectors and assists users in the basics of fire, how to keep their workplace safe, and how to work towards compliance with current legislation.

Time Management

This Time Management Training course offers the user crucial information on how to best take control of their time - both in and out of a work setting. It is designed to help the user plan and manage their time effectively, whilst providing tips on how to best avoid distractions.

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