Personal Development in Care Training

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Personal Development in the Workplace: Essential Training Course

Personal development is a professional journey that commences with defining objectives and targets in the workplace and culminates in achieving self-set goals to maximise one's potential.

Standard 2 of the Care Certificate mandates carers to:

  • Collaborate on a personal development plan with their employer
  • Enhance their knowledge, skills, and understanding

A Personal Development Plan (PDP) serves as a vital tool for monitoring employee development, facilitating efficient task execution, and tracking progress. Typically spanning a 12-month period, it is advisable to reassess goals annually.

Our Personal Development in Care Training course complements our suite of 14 awareness courses, constituting the Care Certificate Standards. Access our free worksheet designed to complement the online training, featuring checkboxes to mark completion of relevant course sections and space for notes aiding practical assessments at work.

This course imparts learners with actionable knowledge applicable in the workplace, enabling them to fulfil the 'practical' component of their training. Upon meeting the requisite standards, management can issue the Care Certificate. While our courses offer comprehensive training, practical experience remains crucial for obtaining the care certificate.

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